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Once funded, an E Wallet Virtual Banking account can function as a secure and convenient online e-money account allowing the cardholder access to many useful functions and features

Cardholders are able to transfer funds to and from the card account to any bank account worldwide




Main Benefits

  • Transfer funds to a secondary virtual ewallet for an unbeatable internal money transfer fee
  • Store money safely in your primary card account and release it to secondary cards as and when you need it
  • Money can be moved securely from card to card, online or mobile
  • Balance checks available online or mobile at any time
  • Control spending limit and secondary card account balances
  • Account balance is safely held and reconciled in the bank of your choice
  • Funds are safe at all times and not risked in any investment scheme
  • Please go to the link for a full demo or contact us to arrange for one


New Payment Platform for Multi-National Companies

The key features for employees or affiliate/members are:

Receiving money :  payroll and commissions can be deposited into an employee or affiliate/memberís eWallet account. In addition, funds can be transferred into the eWallet viawire, payment processor, credit/debit card from virtually anywhere in the world.

Transferring money :  funds can be moved from the eWallet to bank accounts in the U.S.and international banks, debit and credit cards payment processors, and to other eWallet accountholders.

Online Purchasing : affiliates/members have the ability to directly purchase products fromthe company website using their eWallet account eliminating credit card processing costs tothe company.

Cell Phone/Mobile Phone and Internet Access : enables all eWallet accountholders with a cell phone/mobile phone to receive and transfer funds and access balance and transaction history via their cell phone or secure internet portal.


The key features for the multi-national company are:

Operate management portal from company home bank account :  the company establishes a separate pooled account for all of its eWallet accountholders and the company benefits from the float. The money transferred to the eWallet accounts is in the company bank account and remains there until the employee or affiliate transfers their funds.

Segregate currencies : the company can segregate acquiring funds into separate currencies and keep them segregated for payouts so there is no currency exchange transaction for incoming and outgoing payments.

Company controls the payment and receipt of funds internationally : company management is provided internet access to their own management console that allows for payment and receipt of funds anywhere in the world.

Provide acquiring and payment options to employees and affiliate/members :  the company can provide additional acquiring options other than credit card processing and give members and affiliates control of their payout alternatives. are introducing the eWallet payment platform that Provides multi-national companies a cost effective and efficient Method of paying its employees and affiliates in foreign Countries. If your company has employees and affiliate Members located in countries around the world, you will want to Consider the integration of this international payment service. contact