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International Salary payments




Mass Payout Processing

Online businesses working with affiliates, vendors and freelancers or requiring payment for clinical trial and travelers' expenses have a need for global payout processing. Companies commonly use direct deposit payroll, send checks or international wire transfers. For these types of payments, the recipient must have a bank account, wait several hours to several days for transfer completion, or several weeks for an international check to clear. There are fees for each transfer and the payee must maintain bank accounts with International affiliated banks, usually with regular and substantial fees. As online businesses are increasing relationships with contractors, affiliates and freelancers in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, payment processing is even more complicated as locals may not readily have bank accounts with International affiliated banks, and the international wire transfers and check processing fees can reach $20-$40 per instance.

Matrixcardsolutions addresses mass payment processing through a global prepaid MasterCard® card. Businesses pay international wages and commissions through a simple online process. The funds will be available on the prepaid card immediately with a minimal load fee. The recipient may use the prepaid MasterCard card everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted at Point-of-Sale or online, free of charge, and may withdraw funds in local currency at an ATM for a nominal charge.

The turn-key, safe, efficient and cost-savings global payout processing solution is a great alternative for any web-based business requiring international paychecks. For further information and to receive a customized offer, please contact matrixcardsolutions at