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Loyalty and Rewards Systems

Loyalty and Rewards Systems

Our proprietary transaction processing technology manages real-time multi-use card programs to remove paper, cash and other costly methods of tracking, reporting and payment. Loyalty solutions include: Private branded cards, POS terminals and systems, online terminals, and wireless/contactless  terminals, Loyalty programs, Points and Rewards systems, Payment systems, and Custom bank card solutions

Our downloadable online terminal can "pull together" endless locations in numerous countries to form one seamless network


  • According to a variety of industry sources:
  • 49% of households participate in at least one card based loyalty program
  • Participants in loyalty programs spend 70% more than non members
  • 78% of cardholders use their store card every time they shop
  • Companies can boost profits by almost 50% by retaining just 5% more of their customers
  • Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer loyalty programs
  • Diners who enrol in restaurant loyalty programs spend 19% more on their second visit and average 14% more on any visit than non-members.