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Payroll Corporate Card

What is a Payroll Card?

Payroll Cards are ideal for employers or agencies to pay multiple people salaries, expenses, commissions and other forms of compensation, quickly and effectively.

The remuneration will be loaded directly onto their prepaid mastercard or visa cards and be available immediately for them to use everywhere a mastercard or visa  prepaid card is accepted, for Point of Sale use, online use and cash withdrawals at any ATM machine.


How Payroll Cards Work

Payroll cards are provided to employers/agencies who in turn offer the service to their employees/members, highlighting this safer, less expensive option to receive their remuneration.

For Employers, payroll cards offer a fast, secure and often cheaper method of distributing money to employees worldwide.

Employees benefit from ease of use and the security their money is available on a prepaid  mastercard or visa cards, which they can use at millions of locations around the world  that supports the mastercard or visa payment platforms or online purchase products/transfer money.




  • Safe, Secure loading of funds via direct deposit
  • Reduces administration and fulfilment costs
  • Employee doesn't need a bank account and is safer than cash
  • Linked cards can be made available for the employees dependents
  • Saving on costs/time and administration preparing cheques.
  • Peace of mind and security of not having large amounts of cash on premises on Payday.
  • Admin made easier major time and cost saving. 
  • We currently have relationships with banks in the U.S.A, Caribbean , Europe , United Kingdom, Middle East , Asia, Africa,New Zealand, Austrialia and Russia with whom we can place business. Our Caribbean Banking associate has been a MasterCard Principle member for over 10 years and offers quick and economical card solutionsContact