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Travel and Multi-Currency Card Programs

What is a Travel Card?

Travel cards are a secure and convenient method of spending money overseas, safer than carrying cash or travellers cheques and can be used a millions retail locations and ATM machines worldwide that support mastercard and visa.


They are a secure and safe alternative to carring cash when travelling..


Why use a Travel Card

Travel Cards provide the convenience of loading money at the point of sale and also loading any extra money onto the card securely through retail locations or banks and direct from your own personal bank account. These mastercard or visa cards can be used regularly for international travel and benefit from attractive currency conversion rates; they can be quickly and securely loaded in your local currency or in the currency of your destination if you have a foreign currency travel card, making them a quick, secure and convenient way of organising your travel spending money.

How Travel Cards Work

Travel cards are prepaid mastercard/visa cards. They work like your debit card, you simply load funds onto the card, online, by phone, by SMS or at a retail location/Bank and the card is ready to use at millions of shops/restaurants and ATM's worldwide that display mastercard/visa logo.

The Benefits

  • Safe alternative to cash when travelling
  • Cards accepted worldwide at retail locations, ATM's and online
  • Can access cash in local currency
  • Protects against theft, identity fraud and loss of cash when traveling
  • No interest or late fees payable

Card Features

  • Reloadable mastercard or visa prepaid card
  • Prepaid card logo
  • Worldwide point of sale access
  • Custom card designs available
  • Card activity and balance information available via Web or IVRContact